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Virtueless Reality


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Hi people,

Re: Revenge of the geeks ["Battle Stars," February 9]

I was intrigued by your article about the so-called VR developers. Here, I thought, was a bunch of out-of-mainstream creative people who do something else. So I went to one of their stores and gave it a try, and realized that your story missed a humangous point: content. The "scenario" of the game these people offer consists of a few guys blasting each other to smithereens. And that's it. There is no possibility of communication or cooperation between players. The only way of relating to the other players is by shooting at them. These techno-prophets have nothing to sell except brute violence. They pack eight human players into a game, but instead of having the so-called VR capabilities serve human faculties, the humans act as extensions of the machine. Everybody realizes that technology, like other mediums, is also a message. Don't be fooled, this is the same junk as the arcade games with postmodern PR. I say change the label to VD--Virtually Disgusting.

Jonathan Yovel


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