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Hours: Lunch, dinner: seven days
Open late: every night till 11

Price: $$

Taiwanese dim sum, hot pots, and pan-Asian food, priced for the neighborhood.

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Nobody at Vora could explain to us how Taiwanese dim sum, the house specialty, differs from mainland dim sum. The chef Eddie Huang has described Taiwanese food as "a native cuisine of fermented, cured, and preserved food, littered with offal and shellfish," but aside from shin-jian bao (pork dumplings) and a noodle soup with mussels, nothing on the dim sum menu at Vora tasted especially funky. Instead there were lots of buns and dumplings and crispy rolls like you'd find in Chinatown, but delivered by waiters, not by carts; available at all times, not just early in the day; and twice as expensive. Standouts included the shrimp dumplings, the crispy shrimp rolls, the pork belly slider (more like a taco wrapped in a doughy steamed bun), and the noodle soup, which miraculously tasted better the longer we ate it. Vora also serves sushi, Japanese-style hot pot, a selection of uninspired pan-Asian rice and noodle dishes, and, best of all, "liquid nourishment" in the form of smoothies. These come in as many varieties as the dim sum plates, and range from fruity (orange and mango) to vegetal (tomato, carrot, celery, and honey). They're thick like milk shakes and sweet without being sugary. They're also a better reason to visit Vora than the dim sum.

Aimee Levitt

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