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True to its title, this energetic Hong Kong comedy trades primarily in off-color gags, yet its tone, like that of John Waters's films, is so playful and inclusive that it's unlikely to offend anyone. The story concerns a low-rent (but bighearted) producer who will do practically anything to finance a movieā€”even go into business with a crazy Chinese gangster who enjoys sex with mules. Director and cowriter Pang Ho-Cheung understands that the key to a good dirty joke isn't shock value but showmanship, as evinced by the knowingly exaggerated performances he elicits from his cast. He displays great affection toward all his characters, no matter how shallow or corrupt they first appear, and includes clever asides about the unreality of contemporary filmmaking and the often ludicrous nature of sexual desire. In Cantonese with subtitles.



  • Pang Ho Cheung


  • Chapman To
  • Ronald Cheng
  • Dada Chan
  • Simon Loui
  • Matt Chow
  • Jacqueline Chan
  • Kristal Tin
  • Hiro Hayama
  • Lam Suet
  • Lawrence Cheng
  • Fiona Sit
  • Miriam Yeung

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