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War of Survival


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To the editors:

Bill Martin must have had a good laugh reading those ridiculous letters by Paul Wack and Benjamin Rayner [February 5]. The latter even began his by admitting his pathetic lack of knowledge about anything he was writing about, but that didn't stop him from embarrassing himself with some idiotic remarks about Southeast Asia. If nothing else Rayner has chutzpah. After demonstrating what an intellectual featherweight he is, he had the nerve to label Bill Martin a "pseudopolitical, neo-coffeehouse Marxist" and suggest he "stick to roaming in bookstores." Rayner himself had better stick to his Superman comics and leave important issues to people who know something about them. Maybe a good strong cup of espresso would help snap him out of his intellectual stupor.

Then we have the likes of Paul Wack who loudly bemoans all the "human rights violations" supposedly committed by the Shining Path. Another couch-potato American, bleeding-heart liberal with the gall to tell real Third World radicals/revolutionaries they aren't going about their business properly. He offers us Amnesty International, an organization that has ignored abuses against the political left and political prisoners in the United States for over 25 years, in support of his mealy-mouthed pleas. This hand-wringing, self-professed do-gooder wants us all to know that he is strongly opposed to any "revolutionary tactics" contributing to what he simply refers to as a "cycle of brutality." All rather easy to say for some schmuck sitting in the comfort of his living room. Whether or not Wack would admit it, he'd sure as hell be singing a different . . . a much more realistic tune . . . if he himself were engaged in an all-out WAR OF SURVIVAL such as the one taking place in Peru today. And, if he were, he wouldn't be so tolerant of people who think they are "too good" to dirty their precious hands with the business of armed struggle . . . fence sitters who are dumb enough to think they can avoid getting hit in the deadly cross fire.

PingDing Yu

N. Kimball

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