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When: Wed., Feb. 10, 8 p.m. 2016

To no one’s surprise, there are six or seven metal bands out there who’ve used the perfect, dead-center name “Warhead.” This Warhead here is the one from Phoenix, Arizona, and they sound very much like you’d expect a band named Warhead to sound—they’re energetic, pedal-to-the-skull thrash, with lyrics about killing, death, and evil. A track like “Rapid Fire,” off their 2013 full-length Death Row, takes you on an amphetamine-fueled rush to the 80s, complemented by tight-tight-tight start-stop songwriting, ragged anthemic background chants, and Nolan Castles’s nasal shouts, which sound as much hardcore as they do metal. On the YouTube post of their 2015 single “Widowmaker,” a lone commenter declares “Righteous!”—and that lone commenter is correct. There’s nothing innovative or weird here, and there’s nothing to painfully remind you of the sodden radio crap that seminal bands like Metallica are now peddling. This is just straight-up, blisteringly executed retro-thrash for folks who love blisteringly executed retro-thrash. Metalheads keeping the faith won’t be disappointed.

Noah Berlatsky

Price: $8

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