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Warriors of Virtue

In a fantasy adventure heavy with atmosphere, a little boy with a brace on his leg discovers a mythical world where kangaroos use martial arts to defend universal ethics; he learns self-esteem by joining their struggle. The production design by Eugenio Zanetti (Restoration), lighting, and visual effects make the dark and beautiful forest and lair of the sexy villain (Angus Macfadyen) so captivating that the obvious believe-in-yourself theme is much less cloying than it might have been. A hazy distinction between what really happens to Ryan (Mario Yedidia) and what takes place exclusively in his imagination seems arbitrary if not disingenuous when an event presented as real is retracted toward the end, but the movie's point that it doesn't matter what's real and what's fantasy if an unhappy boy's spirits are lifted is convincing. Ronny Yu directs a screenplay by Michael Vickerman and Hugh Kelley.

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