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Way to Be Irrelevant


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Dear Mr. Miner,

Just wanted to compliment you on your wonderful piece in this week's Reader on the Chicago Tribune's endorsement of George W. Bush and the attendant backlash ["Tribune, Explain Yourself," November 12].

As much as I had expected it, the paper's endorsement puzzled and enraged me, I think primarily because it was so poorly written, poorly reasoned, and contradicted by the paper's own reporting.

When Don Wycliff's piece about the reaction appeared, I sent him an e-mail that first thanked him for giving the matter his attention.

Then I raised a point that I felt his column had neglected: If a newspaper's editorial board unfailingly awards its endorsement to the Republican presidential candidate for a century and a half, isn't the paper's endorsement effectively rendered meaningless?

Daniel Welch


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