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When: Open run: Fri-Sat 7:30 PM, Sun 5 PM

At Disney World, you can book a "character breakfast," which is what they call it when Goofy harasses you while you try to eat waffles. This show is sort of like that, only you're fed lasagna and the zany characters you’re forced to dance, play games, and otherwise interact with have a lot less depth than Goofy. The evening's premise is that the audience is attending a bingo night benefiting two Catholic congregations—a predominantly Italian-American one and a predominantly Irish-American one—that have recently merged. For some reason there are beer-hall Germans and a swishy gay guy on hand too. All the punch lines rely on tired stereotypes, but the jokes are so obvious they'll probably only offend your sense of humor. —Zac Thompson

Price: $49


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