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My father believed that the family should have dinner together. Marge worked downtown, and she didn't get out until six. She worked for this fancy haber-dasher on South Michigan. They had shops in Paris, New York, and Chicago. I remember that the ties were $7. Can you imagine paying $7 for a tie?

The office manager was Miss Crawford, and Mr. Levy was the boss. So Miss Crawford used to get very upset with Marge because she would be late. So one day Miss Crawford is complaining to Mr. Levy that he's got to do something about Marge, she's late three days a week. He says to her, "Well, I think you better leave Marge alone and spend your time looking at the people who

come a half hour early and stay a half hour late. We just found out so many ties are missing--somebody's taking them out."

Well, Marge came home that night real happy. Mr. Levy knew she wasn't the one stealing the ties.

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