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What a Farce


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To Dave Kehr:

Kudos for blowing the lid off the farce that is Caddyshack (Reader, April 17, Section Two)! For years, I have been trying to pinpoint everything that has been wrong with this thinly veiled attempt at social commentary in the early 1980s, yet in one fell swoop, you solved the riddle. Harold Ramis's failed attempt at trying to win the hearts of his audience by showing the struggles of a lower-middle-class "looper" trying to make it in a more affluent world was completely exposed by you for the misogynistic, puppet-show scam that it truly is.

I have never felt more relieved in my life than I am right now in knowing that this "lurching" film actually failed as a comedy. All that laughter I expelled during viewings of this film was just me subconsciously trying to suppress the fact that Mr. Ramis just couldn't deliver the goods. Whew!

You've done a great service to those who appreciate and seek the truth in the cinema.


Karl Lueders


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