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What I Saw in Hebron

Dan and Noit Geva's video describes a 1929 massacre in which Arabs murdered 84 Jews in Hebron. While Sephardic Jews and Arabs had long lived in peace, the arrival of Ashkenazic Zionists created tension; Arabs began to fear for their homes (not without reason, as later events would prove), and apparently the ensuing bloodbath was premeditated, sparked by the muftis. Using swords and knives, Arabs butchered families and raped their daughters; some children survived by playing dead or lying buried under corpses. The Gevas present the testimony of survivors, rapidly intercutting talking heads as they give fragments of the same story. The past appears mostly in black-and-white footage of the massacre sites, with bits of dramatization—shots of hands, dripping blood—that are effective if not very original. This 1999 video reports that the Sephardim's homes are now occupied by militant right-wing Jewish settlers and recalls the recent massacre of Arabs at prayer by Baruch Goldstein, making peace between Arab and Jew seem sadly distant. 73 min. (FC) (3:00)


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