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What's the Problem?


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To the editors:

I find my eyebrows raising a bit when I read the reports in your publication about the presumed decline of Rogers Park. First there was a letter to the editor (July 23), and now the report in Neighborhood News (August 20).

The theme seems to be that Rogers Park has gone to hell in the last two decades or so, but my question is where have these ostriches been? Are they aware that 20 years ago, when I bought my property, things were so bad that the entire area was redlined? (For further information, they can consult the report of the Illinois Legislative Investigating Committee published in May 1975.)

Yes, Rogers Park has problems, but what neighborhood doesn't this side of Wilmette? And where else in the city can you find good transportation and access to the lake at less than BMW prices?

Ed Cohen

W. Chase

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