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When Autobiography Is Not the First Person

This program of ten experimental 16-millimeter films and videos, curated by Chi-Jang Yin, is loosely united under the rubric of self-reportage, though some aren't autobiographical at all and others merely follow film-school formulas for “personal” inquests. Among the best are Brent Green's video animations Francis, in which local musician Tim Rutili narrates an enchanting childhood dream about an elderly neighbor who opts to die in her backyard by provoking a bear attack, and Susa's Red Ears, a similiarly fabulist narrative about a little girl on “the day the sun exploded.” I also enjoyed Paula Durette's Ladies Tea (2001), with its mock sociological mapping of a lesbian bar, and Nesting Season (2001), which interprets the lesbian mating calendar. Also showing: work by Julia Nicou, Thomas Allen Harris, Wenhwa Ts'ao, Anita Wen-Shin Chang, and Agnes Moon. 59 min.


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