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Where Dudycz Went Wrong


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To the editors:

Like Mr. Dudycz I have an ethnic background. Like Mr. Dudycz I am the son of immigrant parents and was raised in poverty (I apologize for not having a rat scar on my face). Like Mr. Dudycz I was in public service (35 years) and like Mr. Dudycz I served in the armed forces and am living the American Dream. So why didn't I come out with the same values that Mr. Dudycz espouses?

Someplace along the line I learned that our flag symbolizes freedom--the freedom for ideas to compete in the free marketplace of ideas. I was taught that given information and the opportunity for reasoned discourse, the common people (who Mr. Dudycz claims to defend but apparently doesn't trust) will choose the superior idea and discard the inferior. Not unerringly and not every time but often enough to prove the worth of freedom.

The "cloutless" Mr. Dudcyz has shown what he thinks of a free marketplace for ideas. He has no qualms about using the majesty of government to punish any institution that has the temerity to support such a marketplace.

For me, I prefer a harmless party hack like Mr. Annunzio who can only cost me money to a Mr. Dudycz who can cost me my freedom.

Philip M. Katz

N. Kedzie


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