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Where Religion Leads


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To the editors:

I suppose the saddest thing about your article "Saying No to Fundamentalism" [March 25] is the fact that there are many, many people in our society who need the method of "support" fundamentalism offers. Traditionally, religion and morality are spoken of in the same breath, yet any organization that claims to know the "absolute truth" and as a consequence, exploits people's weaknesses in order to "convert" them, is unethical to say the least. Nietzsche wrote over one hundred years ago that there are no "blueprints" in nature that cause us to be Christians, or anything else for that matter. Thus, we must create our own meaning and as a result, we will be able to face misfortune and overcome it--without the consolation of a "beyond" or heaven. Suffice to say, religion seems to lead to fanaticism and irrationality more often than not. Strange, isn't it, how the Jehovah's Witnesses publicly disrespect our country and yet, it is precisely here that they have the freedom to speak and act as they wish.

By writing about an organization like Fundamentalists Anonymous and the inanity of fundamentalism in general, the Reader has again proved its journalistic integrity and excellence.

Wayland Iverson

N. Winthrop

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