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Where the Green Ants Dream

Werner Herzog is so busy making his myth that he no longer bothers to make movies. Made in Australia, this effort is a slight, by-the-numbers rehash of Herzog's increasingly offensive “noble savage” theme: once again, primordial mysticism (in the persons of an aboriginal tribe) triumphs over the vanity and impotence of modern society and technology (represented by a mining company that wants to dig up the aborigines' sacred land). The sentimental confrontations of savagery and civilization are by now old stuff even for TV movies, and Herzog gives them a flat, perfunctory treatment, trading on the feeble ironies of tribesmen dressed in business suits. A few of the more mysterious landscape shots resurrect the feelings of awe and alienation of Herzog's trance classic Fata Morgana, but the filmmaker is too wrapped up in his ideological projects to maintain the innocent regard of that early feature. With Bruce Spence.


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