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Where the Poets Die First

This lightweight, plodding Brazilian romantic comedy tries to take us into the mind of a writer, but the mediocre script, broad acting, and sloppy filmmaking make it fairly painful. After the enormous success of his first novel, a self-absorbed author breaks up with his girlfriend of 12 years, and the two explore single life while he struggles to produce his second book. Faced with writer's block and looming deadlines, he turns the breakup into a piece of Kafkaesque literature with himself as “the Poet,” endlessly persecuted on a battlefield and in a courtroom for his devotion to love. Directors Werner and Willy Schumann play around with arty camera angles and awkward jump cuts, but their story is driven by plot devices as hackneyed as a lover crawling out a window to escape a jealous husband. In Portuguese with subtitles. 90 min.

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