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While the City Sleeps

Fritz Lang's 1956 film was one of his personal favorites, a taste shared by few critics at the time, who never forgave him for leaving Germany and Die Nibelungen. A contest is announced at a New York newspaper: the reporter who catches the notorious "Lipstick Killer" will become the paper's new editor. The story is a cynical twist on Lang's famous M: the sex killer becomes the most sympathetic character in the film, as Lang reserves his venom for the desperately competitive reporters, including Dana Andrews, Thomas Mitchell, Ida Lupino, and George Sanders. 100 min.



  • Fritz Lang


  • Dana Andrews
  • Ida Lupino
  • Rhonda Fleming
  • Sally Forrest
  • Thomas Mitchell
  • Vincent Price
  • Howard Duff
  • George Sanders
  • John Barrymore Jr.
  • Vladimir Sokoloff
  • Robert Warwick


  • Casey Robinson


  • Bert Friedlob

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