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Whine and Cheese


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1-HONEST to God, my dentist confessed that no even he doesn't floss.

2-I took my four-year-old to see a Sunday matinee of "Space Jam" at Water Tower theaters. The audience was mostly young kids and their parents. The preview? A montage of boobies, butts, and bad words from Rodney Dangerfield's latest movie.

3-THE health food store at Halsted and Roscoe closed down. Opening in its place is "Candy Junction." I'm all for junk food but this real estate 180 has some scary Karma implications.

4-I didn't get their names, but a lot of people littered.

5-And if you liked "Dentists Who Don't Floss"

You'll love...

I saw a crossing guard at Orleans and Oak street finish up work, get into her car, blow through a red light, and crash right into the side of another car.

The End

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