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When: Fri., July 15, 10 p.m. 2011

While it’s fun to imagine that these four young Michiganders from Lansing see their name as a comment on the state of spiritual questing post-Jonestown, it’s a safe bet they probably just thought it sounded badass. But whether they’re deep thinkers or not, on their debut LP, Sons of Stone (HoZac), the Peoples Temple display a deft and dexterous hand with psychedelia in all its incarnations: the epic shoegaze of the title track, the ’66 fuzz bash of “Visions of the Sun” and “Starstreamer,” the Sky Saxon groove-plea of “Where You Gonna Go?,” the propulsive tambourine-and-floor-tom drive of “Keeper (Of Souls).” Nothing groundbreaking or innovative is happening here, but what these guys lack in terms of sounds never heard before they more than make up for with the solid foundation they’ve given themselves to build on. Most bands like this are good for maybe one decent LP or EP before breaking up, getting stuck in the limbo between the very new and the very old, or simply starting to suck because they only had that one decent LP or EP in them. The Peoples Temple seem to have left themselves a lot of room to evolve, though, and if they can keep it together for a few more years, I expect them to raise the bar and develop not just facility but originality. —Brian Costello

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