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Who Is Peter Margasak?


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Re: Schwa Review [Spot Check] 8-4-95

Not knowing who Peter Margasak's supposed to be, my only regret is not having his obviously brilliant ear for voices. It's just too bad that when listening to Schwa, he couldn't hear Beverly over the sound of his ass slamming shut. I would highly recommend to him the use of a crowbar and another listen to what is one of the strongest, most well trained voices on the alternative music scene today. Beverly Gibson's vocal abilities are generally found only in the more obscure classical world, and I hope she is not wasting an amazing talent by casting her pearls before swine such as Mr. Margasak. Although a musical background is clearly not needed for the average (or below average) musical critic, maybe Peter would do us the favor of trying harder to hear the music he next reviews. Then again, perhaps he is unaware that McDonald's was indeed hiring the day he accepted a position he was so seriously unqualified to fill.

T. Swing


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