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Who's Got the Agenda Here?


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Re: Hot Type / "Wise Asses" (July 4, 2003):

It was very observant of you--a heterosexual, I presume--to notice Antonin Scalia's choice of the phrase "so-called homosexual agenda." The "gay agenda" is actually a phrase that was coined by the radical religious right to expose homosexuals' quest for "special rights" (another RRR-coined phrase). Around the time of the 1993 gay march on Washington some right-wing group came out with a video titled The Gay Agenda that purportedly exposed the special privileges we were seeking and how we were infiltrating schools and youth services for recruitment purposes. The closest I've seen to a gay agenda was the parody "8 AM--Go to gym; 9:30 AM--Meet Brad at Caribou; 11 AM--Buy new shirt at A & F; etc." The gay and lesbian community is too diverse to ever actually come up with an acceptable "agenda" for all, and then the infighting between organizations would sabotage it anyway. The RRR have deviously added the "so-called" to "gay agenda" to deflect from the fact that it was their initial invention.

John Jones

Boys Town

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