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Dear editors,

Congratulations to Rosalind Cummings on her wickedly brilliant satire of reverse racism [Our Town, June 3]. Particularly compelling was the author's depiction of the Maasai couple employing their own prejudices to imagine the "covert and under the table" racist perceptions of their white patrons. And the juxtaposition of Mr. Caine's lament about the stereotype of black males as a threat with the explanation for relocating the original Maasai ("When their small South Shore space was broken into three times in one week, Miller and Caine decided to move") was nothing short of hilarious.

Also, many kudos to Caine and Miller for their courage in allowing themselves to be lampooned in order to expose the ugliness of bigotry no matter what the color of the perpetrator.

Jonathan Swift would be proud.

An appreciative reader

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