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Hours: Lunch, Dinner: seven days
Open Late: Friday till 4, Saturday till 5, Sunday till 1

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Park Manor location of the eclectic wing joint.

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Owner Abeng Stuart does wings grilled or fried in 35 (for now) different sauces or rubs, more or less representing nine different cuisines: Jamaican, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, Greek, "Canadian," and "American." The wings themselves are steeped overnight in a base seasoning and cooked unbattered in fresh, clean oil, leaving the meat an unadulterated vehicle for these intense flavors--also applicable to shrimp or fish. The "Maple Twist," filed under Canadian, is a light syrup-and-butter potion, meant to evoke pancakes, or more appropriately, chicken and waffles. The Greek lemon-and-garlic wing is bright, citrusy, and smothered in roughly minced garlic, while my favorite, the Parmesan-garlic, is crusted with real cheese. The jalapeno is smothered in whole sliced chiles, and the rum and bourbon barbecue sauces are unmistakably spiked. Several were designed with the pleasure/pain principle in mind: the Kamikaze is a powerful multichiled blast that flooded my skull with endorphins. These aren’t prepackaged assembly-line concoctions, but house-made dressings dreamed up by someone who understands proportion and balance and has a knack for conjuring up vivid associations.

Mike Sula

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