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Wyman Detractors=Overgrown Teenagers


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To the editor:

Am I the only person in Chicago who likes Bill Wyman? Week after week you print angry denunciations of his music column from overgrown teenagers who believe that their taste in rock music is shared by God Himself, but never a word of praise for a good writer with sophisticated tastes, liberal instincts, and serious opinions.

I cannot believe the recent fad of criticizing Wyman's diction and sentiments as cliched [September 1]. Do these pretentious jerks expect to find poetry in a weekly column? In my opinion, Wyman's only sin is overestimation of local bands that he regularly sees live; who on earth isn't guilty of that? Or in the larger view, overestimation of rock music in general. Is there really enough interesting rock music to supply material for a weekly column by anyone? Perhaps Wyman should expand his subject matter beyond the juvenile world of his critics.

Gary Sugar

N. Dearborn

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