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Yellow Asphalt (Three Desert Stories)

In this series of interlocking tales (2000), Israeli writer-director Dany Verete portrays the bedouin people with the clear eye of a seasoned journalist, neither demonizing nor sentimentalizing them. Each story explores friction between Arab and Israeli (or Arab and European) culture: in “Black Spot” (released as a short film in 1994) an Israeli truck driver finds himself the target of tribal justice when he accidentally runs over a young bedouin boy on the highway; in “Here Is Not There” (released in 1997) a German woman chafes against the will of her benighted bedouin husband; and in “Red Roofs,” a callous Israeli farmer carries on an adulterous affair with his bedouin maid. A natural storyteller, Verete avoids both melodrama and moralizing, his simple but beautiful tales nicely rendered by Yoram Millo's unobtrusive cinematography. 85 min.


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