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Zionist Domination at the Tribune


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Carol Felsenthal's comments [Hot Type, May 7], as well as Joel Sprayregen's letter [May 14] complaining of Don Wycliff's assertion of Bush's genuflection to Sharon, are but another example of Zionist domination at the Tribune. Since the Lakeview rabbi organized a boycott of the Tribune, there has been capitulation by Bruce Dold to their views.

I support Don Wycliff, and would hope that Carol Felsenthal's naked threat to his job fails. He pointed out that despite the carte blanche that Bush granted, Sharon went home and sat on his hands while his own party members organized the decisive rejection. So what is Bush to do? He has basically given in to Sharon's view that Gaza will be the Palestinian state while Israel gobbles up the fertile areas of the West Bank. And the now two-and-a-half-year-old house arrest of Yasir Arafat by Sharon further proves he is a man of unmitigated violence and racism toward Arabs.

If the United States wants to stop terrorism, the first step should be the eviction of Israel from all occupied lands, as the UN resolutions 242 and 336 clearly state. The next step should be to shift the now $15-billion-per-year subsidy to Israel and channel it into building a peaceful Palestinian state. We cannot allow the influence of Zionists and Christian Right forces to impose their view that Israel should be supported even when they are blatantly wrong.

James Ally


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